For the first time this year, giant killer hornets discovered in US

(ORDO NEWS) — For the first time, a giant killer hornet was spotted in Washington state this year. This species is called Vespa mandarinia. These hornets are considered the largest in the world and usually live in Japan and East Asia.

The insect was noticed near the Canadian border and soon entomologists officially confirmed the presence of a dangerous hornet in the United States. Reported by NPR.

Specialist Sven Spichiger noted that the killer hornet behaves exactly the same as in 2020, when it was noticed in the United States. He still attacks numerous wasp nests and destroys them. It is worth noting that the insect was found just over three kilometers from the place where the nest of this huge Asian hornet was destroyed in 2019.

In June, a dead specimen was found in Washington state. After that, a statement was received that most likely these are remnants from last year, because at the beginning of summer, as a rule, killer hornets do not appear yet.

Experts noted that these insects are quite dangerous. They attack not only wasp nests, but also honey bee hives, which leads to huge losses. Just a few individuals of these huge individuals can kill many bees in just a couple of hours. In addition, they are dangerous for people, because bites cause quite serious consequences.


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