Laser show in China ruined visitors’ smartphones

(ORDO NEWS) — It is known that a powerful laser can damage not only equipment, but also health. The last laser show in China showed clearly what the consequences can be after exposure to a powerful beam on your favorite gadgets.

According to the source, a show was held in the city of Xinxiang a few days ago, in which an unusual firework was launched. It consisted of bright and strong enough lasers, shimmering and exploding like real fireworks.

The event is really exciting, besides, you don’t always see it. Since people used to shoot ordinary fireworks on their devices, this spectacle did not pass by. Many people filmed the laser fireworks on their smartphone cameras.

It became known that laser flashes damaged the camera sensors of four visitors to the show. As the “victims” say, they could not think that this could happen. According to one of the victims, the organizers of the event should have notified visitors about this.

It is reported that the lasers literally burned out the sensors of the devices. By the way, all four use Apple devices.

As a result, when you open the camera, you may notice camera artifacts on the display. The source reports that the victims have already replaced the matrices, but are very unhappy with the organizers.


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