In Singapore found an elderly man who lived 30 years in the forest

(ORDO NEWS) — Singaporean Oh Goh Seng has lived in the forest for 30 years, earning a living by selling vegetables from his garden, which he built next to the hut he built himself. It is reported by the BBC.

Singapore is a state with a high standard of living, which is probably why the story of an elderly man from the forest caused a great public outcry in the country.

Oh Guo Seng was detained by officials on Christmas Day for selling vegetables illegally on the street.

An eyewitness filmed this conflict and posted it on the Internet. The case became interested in a member of the Singaporean Parliament, who found out the full biography of the man.

Oh Go Seng’s family lived in a village that was demolished in the 1980s to build new skyscrapers. The inhabitants were moved to state-owned apartments, but Oh Go Seng returned to his native forest after a while, deciding not to burden his family.

He built a hut out of bamboo and tarpaulin, and next to it he began to grow vegetables and flowers, which he ate and sold in the market. The man also worked odd jobs.

According to him, loneliness did not bother him, the shade from a tall tree next to the dwelling saved him from the tropical heat. The only problem was the mice, which constantly gnawed through the clothes and shelter of the hut.

Oh Go Seng traveled by ferry to the neighboring Indonesian island of Batam, where he got married and had a daughter. They did not know that he lived in the forest.

After the homeless man’s story was publicized, the authorities allocated him a house, and he is currently being helped to reunite with his wife and daughter.


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