Is it possible to die during astral travel?

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(ORDO NEWS) — Robert Antoshchik was a 29-year-old yoga teacher, beekeeper, and vegetarian from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Robert Antoshchik was a peaceful and loving person who wanted to change the world for the better. He was not a typical hippie – he was involved in weightlifting and martial arts.

He led a healthy lifestyle, did not drink or take drugs, and taught yoga at the YM-YWCA for the last two years.

Robert was also interested in the spiritual side of yoga, especially astral projection, which became increasingly popular in the 1970s.

Is it possible to die during astral travel 1

For Robert Antoshchik, a spiritual adventurer, it was not enough just to read about astral projection.

He wanted to experience it for himself, so he traveled to India to find a yoga master. He went straight to the source of ancient knowledge to fully immerse himself in the practice of astral projection.

While in India, his teachers warned him not to go too far in astral projection, as it could be dangerous.

Robert had dreams of a beautiful and exotic woman with a captivating voice calling to him from outer space.

The idea of ​​a transcendent love affair was attractive to a young single man. He was determined to find her using his astral travel skills.

One day in June 1975, he told his roommate, Neil, that he needed to be alone and not be disturbed.

He locked himself in his room to concentrate on going into the astral realms and finding the mysterious woman he was looking for.

Robert lay on his back in his room and folded his arms. He meditated to release the normal connection between his soul and body.

People who practice astral projection often describe a peaceful yet unsettling feeling of being separated from their body, accompanied by a loud roaring in their ears.

As a rule, they see that their own motionless body is left behind, connected to the astral body by some kind of cord, like an umbilical cord or an astronaut’s safety cable.

Some report feeling confused and nauseous before regaining control of their movements on the astral plane.

The astral body is lighter but still has mass, and once you master it, you can travel anywhere – some even say through time.

Robert’s journey in search of the spirit woman has begun. Was she one of the astral travelers or something beyond this world?

Neil got more and more worried. It has been three days since his roommate, Antoshchik, locked himself in his room with strict instructions not to disturb him. But there was no sound from the room.

Finally, Neil broke down the door and found Antoshchik dead. He lay on his back with his thumbs tucked between his index and middle fingers.

He looked frozen, as if the warmth of his soul had been taken away, and now he was just a cold shell. And he smiled.

When the police arrived, they were completely confused.

Even pathologists at the local hospital could not find the cause of Antoshka’s death. He was very healthy and treated his body like a temple, but there was no obvious cause of death.

Experts became desperate, and one doctor began to study the dangers of meditation. Another local astrologer believed that Antoshik simply decided not to return to his body.

The idea of ​​psychic suicide seemed far-fetched for such a full of life person as Antoshchik. The thought that he was somehow prevented from returning to his body is even more frustrating.

Everyone was trying to find an answer. This was the first time in US history that a headline claimed that an astral projection claimed a human life.

Is it possible to die during astral travel 2

Eventually, the official explanation for Robert Antoshchik’s death came out, stating that he died of a cocaine overdose, but his loved ones never believed it.

They said that he led a healthy lifestyle, never drank or used drugs.

Is it possible that the authorities were simply trying to cover up the supernatural death by blaming it on a cocaine overdose?


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