Intelligent Alien Lizards

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — American researchers have suggested that dinosaurs with intelligence comparable to human can dwell on other planets. Scientists wondered which way evolution would go if the asteroid 65 million years ago had not destroyed the giant dinosaurs.

This idea led them to new conjectures about life forms that probably exist in the far corners of the universe. One of the theories suggests that life on Earth originated as a result of the transfer of certain “seeds” from other planets. According to the “panspermia” theory, the spores of microorganisms scattered throughout the world are transferred from one celestial body to another with meteorites and comets. If this theory is true, then perhaps life on other planets developed in the same way as on Earth.

However, evolution there could take a different direction, if dinosaurs were able to get the better of mammals, suggests chemist Ronald Breslow. He is studying the question of why amino acids, DNA and RNA in terrestrial life forms exist mainly in one form.

According to him, during the so-called “great extinction” a sample was established for amino acids and sugars on Earth. However, on distant planets this process could have been different.

“Extraterrestrial life forms may well be something like advanced versions of dinosaurs,” Ronald Breslow writes in an article for the Journal of the American Chemical Society. “It would be better for us not to meet them.” In this case, perhaps somewhere in other galaxies, dinosaurs are developing their own space program.

However, as skeptics remind, there is no reason to think that dinosaurs are an indispensable link in evolution. There is a big element of chance here, therefore, even having arisen from the same cosmic “seeds”, life on another planet can take completely different forms.

The theory that life on Earth could have arisen as a result of bombardment of the planet by comets is confirmed by the latest discovery made by NASA research center in California Moffett Field.

Studies have shown that amino acids, which are the building material for protein, were not only preserved during the bombardment of young Earth by comets, but also began to interact with each other under the influence of energy. “Comets could indeed be ideal suppliers of components for chemical evolution.

They contain everything necessary for life – amino acids, water and energy,” said one of the authors of the study, Dr. Jennifer Blank. In mid-March, it was reported that a group of German and Italian scientists was able to simulate the process of the origin of life on a comet model.

Researchers created it from methane of other materials and placed it in low temperature conditions. After only ten days, experts discovered amino acids on the comet.


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