Bulgarian prophetess Vanga and her 23 prophecies about past and future

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Vangelia (Vanga) was born in Bulgaria in a poor peasant family. She received the gift of divination as a 12-year-old girl.

This happened after a young girl fell into a tornado, and, after receiving serious injuries, became blind. Wang became widely known during the war years, predicting who will return alive from the battlefield and who will not.

The Bulgarian prophetess met with many famous and outstanding personalities of her era: politicians, scientists, writers, artists, philosophers.

Scientists have calculated that Vanga’s prophecies were fulfilled in 85% of cases, and this percentage of predictions cannot be explained only by coincidence or fraud.

Here are some of the fulfilled prophecies:

  1. Act of terrorism in the USA and collapse of towers of the World Trade Center in 2001;
  2. The collapse of the Soviet Union;
  3. The defeat of Germany in the war with the USSR;
  4. The tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  5. The death of I. Gandhi;
  6. Military operations in Nicaragua;
  7. Military operations in Lebanon (1982);
  8. The assassination of US President J. Kennedy;
  9. Military operations in Libya;
  10. The end of the war in Chechnya;
  11. Date of death of L. Brezhnev;
  12. Date of own death.

Vanga’s prophecies for the near and distant future:

  1. Due to hostilities with Muslims, Europe will become sparsely populated (2025);
  2. A new kind of energy will be invented. People’s life will improve. One of the countries will direct the spaceship to Venus;
  3. The water level in the ocean will rise due to the melting of glaciers;
  4. According to the prediction of Wangi in 2043, Muslims will reign in European states. But it will positively affect the economic condition of Europe. Humanity awaits prosperity and development;
  5. In 2046, scientists will be able to produce human organs and replace the diseased with them. Such treatment will be the most advanced and most effective. In the same period, new types of equipment and weapons will be invented.
  6. America in 2066 will wage war on Muslims. Due to the use of a new type of weapon in hostilities, the climate on the earth will be changed. Cold snap awaits Europe;
  7. In the period from 2076 to 2084, the world order will change, both social, and political, and economic;
  8. In 2088, a new disease will arise, due to which a person will literally grow old in a few days;
  9. In 2097, Wanga predicts that a cure for a new disease will be found;
  10. In 2100, the prophetess predicts that an artificial sun will be launched;
  11. In 2130, the construction of underwater colonies, etc.


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