My contact with extraterrestrial intelligence

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — I want to tell you a story from my childhood. Such things usually do not tell everyone in a row, because for the majority of listeners this causes an ironic smile at best. And even they can completely twist a finger at the temple. But, as they say, the paper will endure everything and maybe people with similar stories will comment on me. I am sure that there are a lot of such cases and people prefer to keep silent about them so as not to look silly in the eyes of public opinion.

I was then 13 years old. I was resting on vacation in the village with my then deceased grandmother.

People who are interested in esotericism probably know this state between sleep and wakefulness, when your body is almost asleep and your mind is still aware. Or in the opposite way, when a person with consciousness leaves sleep, and the body is still disconnected.

Sometimes such transitional states are delayed and you can stay in them for a long time. In this case, curious things can happen, especially if you try to control and direct them. But more about that, perhaps in another article.

One night I ended up in this state for the first time. I felt someone else’s presence in the room. I did not feel fear as such, but I wanted to finally wake up and shake off this obsession.

The body was completely turned off and my eyes could not be opened. With some inner vision I saw two gray faceless silhouettes bending over me. They were of human form, but had no features. Just two gray shadows. Suddenly, I felt like they began to drill a skull on my right side. There was no pain. Just a feeling that they penetrate the head with a drill. They put some thing into my head and disappeared. I woke up.

Since I was a child, I did not think much about what happened. I didn’t tell anyone. But the memory and impression of this with me remained for life. Much later, when I was already 20 years old, I began to be interested in esoteric literature and in one book came across a similar description. It said that a certain intelligent race from the constellation Pleiades implants chips in people’s heads in order to observe them.

Naturally, physically I cannot provide any evidence of what happened to me. Like most participants in such contacts.

By the way, in the same village where this happened to me, we walked one night in a big company and watched an interesting phenomenon over the forest. I don’t remember whether this was before my contact with the aliens or after. Not important. We saw a yellow ball flying over the forest. In size, it looked three to four times larger than the size of the sun we see. And a wide trail followed him.

Something like dark smoke. A few days later, when my parents and I went to a neighboring village 12 km to my relatives, they said that at the same time they were observing a hovering object over the forest, from which two rays emanated towards the earth and one to the sky. But this case I described simply by the way, in the subject, so to speak.

My nightly adventures did not end there. Perhaps I will write about this in the following articles.

I would be glad if in the comments someone tells about himself similar cases and gives his assessment of this.


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