Intelligence flights due to rumors of Kim Jong-un

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Joseon Ilbo newspaper reported that US-South Korean forces on Monday lifted reconnaissance aircraft.

The newspaper does not cite a data source, but reports that a total of six reconnaissance aircraft performed, including three American RC-13s, as well as one E-8C J-STARS and one EO-5C.

A photo was also published that, according to the newspaper’s signature, depicts a U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft returning to the US Air Force base in Osan on the afternoon of April 27.

According to the newspaper, reconnaissance aircraft began to be used especially regularly since the end of 2019, but with the last departure, a larger number of aircraft was raised than before.

According to earlier reports of the same newspaper, American reconnaissance aircraft flew in the area of ​​the Korean Peninsula at least 12 times since the beginning of the year, half of them from the beginning of April.

After the South Korean Daily NK reported that Kim Jong-un is undergoing treatment after the operation, rumors about the threat to the health of the DPRK leader began to spread in a number of media and social networks.

Daily NK, as well as a number of other media outlets, such as the American CNN channel and the Japanese weekly Sukang Gendai, cite anonymous sources in their posts. Also in the media, citing publications on social networks, rumors began to spread about the alleged death of the DPRK leader.

Kim Yong-chol, the Minister for Affairs of the National Association of South Korea , the relevant department for inter-Korean contacts, previously called rumors about health problems of the DPRK leader “fake” and “infomedia”.


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