Incredible moment powerful lightning strikes a courtyard in Sebring, Florida, USA

(ORDO NEWS) — What happened is reminiscent of footage from the science fiction film “War of the Worlds”, with the only difference being that it all happened in reality.

In this incredible moment, a Florida man experienced the fright of his life when a huge bolt of lightning struck the ground next to his neighbor’s house.

Rod Murphy of Sebring was aware of the rain forecast and decided to turn off the sprinklers so as not to overwater his plants.

But the timing proved fatal, as he witnessed a stunning flash as lightning struck his neighbor’s backyard and flaming earth erupted from the ground.

The shocked Rod put his right hand on his chest and screamed in fright, running into the house, perhaps not quite understanding what had just happened.

It is not known how much damage the lightning caused or if anyone was hurt.

Florida is considered the lightning capital of the United States, according to the National Weather Service.

Due to its unique location, warm water surroundings and large area, residents of this not always sunny state are at risk of thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

The state experiences about 3,500 cloud-to-ground lightning flashes daily, and 20 people died from lightning strikes in 2019.

Although the inhabitants of the state are accustomed to lightning strikes, they have not yet seen a lightning strike of such force.


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