In the US, the executed 49-year-old man took revenge on his executioners

(ORDO NEWS) — Last month, 49-year-old Orlando Hall was executed in Indiana, US, who kidnapped, raped and murdered 16-year-old Lisa Rene in 1994. For 26 years, the man was waiting for his life to be taken. The old verdict was brought to life. During the event, as it turned out, the executioners caught the coronavirus.

The executed was infected, and during the execution, few adhered to protective measures. It is worth noting that not only the executioners are usually present, but also medical workers, prison staff and even the victim’s relatives.

It turns out that execution is a place of mass infections. Prisoners protested against the death penalty during the pandemic. The lawsuit was sent to US Attorney General William Barr.

According to the lawyers, the heads of the prisons conceal the real statistics on the number of people who fell ill during the execution. It is possible that absolutely everyone caught the virus.

As evidence, the lawyers brought in the spiritual mentor of Yusef Ahmed Nour, who, after the execution, received a positive test result for coronavirus. It took a man 15 minutes to be in the cell of the murdered man to become infected. Józef noted that he was a meter away from the executioners who were in contact with the executed.

For some reason, during the execution, everyone ignored the instructions of the authorities to wear masks and gloves. The executioners did not use personal protective equipment, they freely contacted the prisoner.

The prison authorities had to take care of the precautions, not to mention the conscientiousness of each participant in the execution. What punishment will follow the prison staff will become known later.


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