In the coming days, the Earth will be covered by a powerful magnetic storm

(ORDO NEWS) — Summer will end with not the most pleasant moment. At the end of August, one should expect an incredibly powerful red-level storm that will cover our planet. Experts warn that it is worth starting to prepare for the event in advance, especially for meteorological people.

A strong blow should be expected on August 30, the day before the Earth’s magnetosphere will already be too excited. The peak of fluctuations, according to preliminary data, will come on Monday morning.

A geomagnetic storm is a disturbance that occurs in the planet’s magnetosphere as a result of too strong an exchange of energy from the solar wind with outer space around the Earth. The duration of such an event can be different – from several hours to several days. Quite powerful geomagnetic storms can provoke not only serious malfunctions in the operation of equipment, but also numerous health problems.

Magnetic storms most of all affect the elderly, those who have problems with blood pressure, chronic pathologies, cardiovascular diseases. Do not forget that some people are weather-dependent. Geomagnetic storms can provoke heart rhythm disturbances, pressure surges, painful sensations in the area of ​​old injuries, and more. If the phenomenon is quite strong, then the head can hurt even in a completely healthy person. Apathy, fatigue, sleep problems, and irritability also appear.

On dangerous days, you need to have medicines for your diseases on hand, avoid physical and mental stress, sleep well, eat right and spend time in a calm atmosphere in the fresh air.


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