US intelligence says two main theories of the coronavirus origin

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(ORDO NEWS) — American intelligence made an official statement that the coronavirus could arise from a leak in a laboratory or be transmitted to humans from an animal. The final conclusions are still not possible due to the fact that there is not enough data.

This is stated in one of the parts of the US intelligence report, which was recently declassified. Reported by CNN.

Initially, intelligence considered the coronavirus a biological weapon, but at the same time considered two different options for its occurrence. Several intelligence agencies are not fully convinced that the infection could have been transmitted from animals.

In turn, one agency suggests that the first case of infection occurred directly in the Wuhan laboratory. Three more agencies did not settle for any theory and demanded more information. Some experts believe that both options are correct.

American intelligence officers emphasize that they, as well as scientists, do not have enough information about the very first cases of the spread of infection between people.

This would help explain the origin of the dangerous virus that provoked the pandemic. The United States notes that China is doing everything possible not to cooperate and does not allow a full investigation.


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