The best time for us to fly to Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — On the way to Mars, astronauts can face a huge number of dangers, but experts note two main ones that are related to cosmic radiation.

Hazardous radiation can cause serious brain damage, cause gastrointestinal problems, cause cancerous tumors, and more. But all this is completely avoidable. Reported by

Experts conducted a new study, with the help of which they were able to find a way out of the situation and find the best time for a person to go to the Red Planet.

Experts emphasize the fact that astronauts will be exposed not only to the radiation of energy particles from the Sun, but also to the effects of galactic cosmic rays coming from outside our solar system.

That is why it is best to fly to Mars when the period of solar maximum comes and the star is at the peak of its activity.

Scientists from Los Angeles noted that the spacecraft can be well protected due to the fact that solar energy during its maximum is able to deflect more dangerous particles flying from outside the system.

The duration of the flight to the Red Planet may vary.

For example, NASA‘s Perseverance mission made it to Mars in just seven months. Experts believe that in the mid-30s and 50s it is quite possible to go on a trip, because at this time the solar maximum will come.


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