In India, an elephant came to say goodbye to its deceased trainer

(ORDO NEWS) — Kunnakkad Damodaran Nair, known as Omanchetan, tended elephants in Kottayam, Kerala (India) for 60 years. On the day of the funeral, one of his wards elephants came to say goodbye to the trainer.

The video with the saying goodbye to the elephant hit social networks, thousands of people around the world saw it and expressed their gesture of the animal. Reported by CNN-News18.

The story of friendship between the animal and Kunnakkada Damodaran Nair began in 1996. The last time they appeared together at the April fair. A man died of cancer last week.

In the video, the elephant Rajesh came to the house of Omanchetan and made a gesture with his trunk. The animal covered a distance of 25 km to say goodbye to the body of the trainer.

The elephant spent about two hours on the road to say goodbye to his deceased friend. In the video, you can see how relatives and friends of the deceased greet him. Then the farewell ceremony takes place, the elephant stretches out its trunk to the man’s body and gives honor.

The man, who has now assumed the position of caretaker for the elephant, said that he could not hold back his tears when he saw Rajesh bid farewell to his deceased friend. It was an incredibly emotional moment at the farewell ceremony. Such an act of the animal indicates that Omanchetan really was a friend to the elephant.


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