US scientists found out how many Americans dream of immortality

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Texas USA have found out how many Americans dream of living forever on Earth. 

It turned out that a third of the total population (more than 100 million people) want to be immortal. The scientific work has already been published in Science Direct. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The study turned out to be quite controversial, because few people took part in it. A total of 911 Americans were interviewed. Three categories of respondents were identified:

  • young people aged 18-28;
  • elderly people, whose average age is 72;
  • old residents (average age 88).

Only 33% of those surveyed expressed a desire to become immeasurable. Another 25% found it difficult to answer. The remaining 42% would not like to live forever. Among the respondents, men showed a greater desire to live forever. Women in America live 5 years longer but show less desire to be immortal.

Most of the positive answers were given by people of the first category (young). The respondents of the second and third categories dream of immortality to a lesser extent.

The researchers also asked people at what age they would like to take the pill for immortality, if it was possible. Young people named the age as 23 years, and the elderly and 42 years old.


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