Physicists believe dark matter lurks in the fourth dimension

(ORDO NEWS) — Dark matter remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Scientists are aware of its existence, but do not yet know how to look for it. Also, nothing is known about her appearance.

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside believe it could form in an extra fourth dimension. It is reported by Futurism.

Our planet is surrounded by an ocean of dark matter and scientists know very little about it. The universe has been proven to have three dimensions of space.

Also, scientists say that there may be a fourth space. Associate Professor of Physics Flip Tanedo spoke about a new theory about the origin of dark matter.

Until now, nothing is known of what dark matter consists of. It is impossible to carry out direct observations and research, since matter does not react in any way to electromagnetic radiation.

But Tanedo and his team speculate that dark matter particles react with other invisible particles, causing them to behave abnormally through the fourth dimension. If this is indeed confirmed, then the search for dark matter will become more real.

The existence of an additional dimension will also provide an answer to the question of why matter cannot be detected and studied.


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