In Florida, a security camera filmed a “dinosaur” running around the yard

(ORDO NEWS) — Whose dinosaur is this? Who Lost the Raptor? The thing is that one resident of Florida seriously scared everyone in the district. Christina Ryan saw a prehistoric monster on one of the security cameras at her home.

Reported by FOX35.

Ryan said that she had never seen anything like it in her entire life. The painting reminded her of a scene from Jurassic Park. Therefore, the woman was seriously scared. Still, the camera recording could see how at 3:40 in the morning a strange animal was walking around the territory of her yard.

The next day, the strange creature did not appear. Previously, no one noticed him either. What or who it was, and where is it now perfect.

It is impossible to confuse a secret guest with a cat or dog. The behavior of the beast resembled the predators from the popular science fiction movie. It was a small copy of a real dinosaur! The woman said that everyone who saw this video also sees a dinosaur. But they died out many years ago.

The video is posted on the Internet. There are a lot of comments under it. Most people agree that it was a fat, adult dragon (Komodo dragon). These are the largest lizards in the world, direct descendants of dinosaurs.

Some netizens claimed that this is a dog pulling a leash. Not without jokes about UFOs.


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