Ireland begins research on previously untouched tomb

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists at the National Museum Service of Ireland have recently begun researching the ancient burial site. The tomb was accidentally discovered by a farmer on his site. The place where the tomb was discovered is carefully classified at the request of the farmer.

Reported by RTE

All that is known about the found burial – it was found on the Dingle Peninsula, in the southwest of Ireland. The man had no purpose to find the treasure. He was just doing field work on his land. Quite by chance, he noticed something that looked like a stone structure. The man immediately contacted the local authorities and told about the find.

It turned out that he simply carried out reclamation work on the territory of his possessions and accidentally touched a stone slab with the equipment. Under the lid was a chamber of impressive dimensions, lined with slabs inside. Archaeologists said that this is not the only chamber, another one was set aside.

Inside, workers at the National Museum found fossilized human bones. Archaeologists believe that this is a tomb from the Bronze Age (2000-500 BC). The burial site is unique. Its architecture differs from those previously found and researched.

There is a hypothesis that in those distant times, places for burials were chosen, focusing on the location of the constellations and the moon in the sky. Now this theory is being carefully studied.

The National Monuments Service immediately arrived at the site. The man did nothing until the specialists appeared. Therefore, the tomb was completely untouched. The place is not named in the media for a reason. There are high risks that vandals may appear and simply loot the burial site.


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