A68: the largest iceberg on Earth has melted in the Pacific Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — The largest and most popular iceberg in the world, A68, was once a real Internet star. You could hear about him from every iron. But the water temperature in the Atlantic is so warm that A68 does not actually exist.

The BBC reports.

A gigantic block of ice broke away from Antarctica in 2017. An iceberg with an area of ​​6 thousand m 2 is now completely broken into small fragments. And before it was the size of Singapore or Saint Lucia.

The images transmitted from the satellite clearly show that only fragments remained from the legendary iceberg. He will no longer be followed, say the US National Ice Center.

History of the A68

The separation of the block of ice from the Larson C shelf occurred quite unexpectedly. After that, the iceberg remained motionless for almost a year. It was only in 2018 that it began to drift. Further, currents and winds caught it, directing it slowly to the north.

Thanks to the presence of satellites and the Internet, this is the first iceberg in history that has gained worldwide popularity, if you do not take into account the one into which the Titanic crashed. Scientists argue that the formation and disappearance of A68 is a natural process. Such phenomena in nature occur in order to maintain a balance between snowfall and glaciers on land.

The disappearance of the giant is in no way associated with global warming. Therefore, do not panic or alarm. Another ice giant is likely to form in the near future.


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