The first super typhoon in 2021 formed in the Pacific Ocean

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(ORDO NEWS) — The first typhoon in 2021 is already sweeping across the Pacific. It was named “Surige” and because of it, more than 100 thousand people have already been evacuated in the Philippine Islands. Reported by Scitechadayli.

Scientists hope that Surige will not move from the Pacific Ocean to land. But the evacuation of the population continues. By the way, this is the first hurricane of 2021, and its scale is truly impressive.

Typhoon has already increased to category 5 and continues to grow. The northern and central Philippines are now suffering from constant rainfall and high winds. People are leaving their homes due to floods. The evacuation continues 24/7. There is already information that one person died.

“Surige”, according to the Japan Meteorological Center, has already reached a speed of 305 km / h. The central pressure at the center of the storm is 895 millibars. This is the lowest ever recorded.

However, the state in Southeast Asia often suffers from strong winds and storms. But this year the weather season started earlier than usual. Meteorologist Jeff Masters said that in this, nature has created optimal conditions for the formation of typhoons.

Most likely this year we will encounter more than one typhoon. Also, according to the latest data, the strong wind is already gradually starting to weaken. Is it finally or the calm before another storm – time will tell.


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