How to travel at the lowest cost

(ORDO NEWS) — Spend on travel less than the average tourist, you can, if you go through the main items of expenditure – transport, accommodation and meals. And when there is not enough money even after this, you can quickly apply for a loan with poor CI in one of the MFIs, where they will not be denied assistance. But how and on what can you save on a trip?


Going on a trip, you need to take care of the transfer in advance. Booking tickets 8-10 weeks before the trip, you can reduce their cost by 40% or more. The same applies to a spontaneous trip: if the departure is planned in 2-3 days, then the price will also be lower.

Tickets with convenient departure times, for example, before the weekend, will be most expensive. Starting a trip in the middle of the week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, will be cheaper. Do not ignore transplants: getting in this way, you can save 10-20 dollars.

If you’re a little more extravagant in your choice of transport, something like the private jet rentals that are available may be more up your street. Well worth considering if you’re willing to pay for the luxury of it all!


Some people live in tents not only in the mountains or in the forest, but also, say, traveling through cities. But if such drastic austerity measures are not for you, you can stay in a hostel. Having booked a room in advance, there is a chance to reduce the price of accommodation by 30%.

Use one of the tips:

● choose small hostels – their prices are lower;

● in some cities it will be cheaper to rent private apartments, an apartment;

● stop at establishments that are located further from the center – the prices here are more loyal.

If living in a hostel is still expensive for you, you can try to find couchsurfing offers. This is a system by which locals can let you live in your home for free. The hosts not only provide accommodation for guests, but also feed them, and if they are lucky, they also act as guides. This helps to travel the world cheaply, because the system of couchsurfing is widespread not only in Europe or America, but also throughout the world. Another option could be to find one bedroom short term rentals in West Hollywood or other locations since short-term apartments tend to have fully furnished homes and kitchens, where you could also cook on your own and save a few bucks.


To avoid going to restaurants and cafes, you can cook your own meals. This is especially true in expensive countries. You need to pay attention to products that are cheaper in a particular region. For example, in coastal cities it is fish and seafood, and in small farming villages – eggs and milk. If we are talking about a tourist city, where there are no farmers, no fishermen, no desire to cook, you can buy ready-made gastronomy in supermarkets. It will come out cheaper than going to a restaurant, but more expensive than cooking yourself.

Some foods you can take with you, such as breakfast cereals, snack bars, or canned goods. Sometimes you can buy products in neighboring countries. For example, you are traveling from Kazakhstan to Norway via Poland. It is impossible to import a large number of products into the EU, but within the union there is no such restriction. In this case, you can go to any Polish supermarket, where prices are lower than in Norway, and having bought products, continue on the way.

Drinking water can be a significant cost item, but it should always be in the backpack of a traveler. In developed countries, it is not necessary to buy bottled water; it can be easily collected in drinking fountains or even from a tap. In extreme cases, you can use water from rivers and other open sources, having previously boiled it.

To keep the trip at a minimal cost comfortable, and not become a test on the verge of survival, think in advance about possible cost items that can be reduced.


To see more on travel and spend less, choose open events – festivals, concerts, attractions that are available for free. Moreover, some exhibitions and museums open their doors for free 1-2 times a week.

Experienced travelers recommend spending a diary of expenses, and in a couple of days you will be able to see where you could save and which expenses can be completely avoided. As you’re traveling, make sure to look at different locations. A lot of travelers actually end up moving over to the country they’re visiting. Before now, some people have traveled over to places like Andorra and have then ended up moving to Andorra. Some people must just find places that they feel comfortable and inspired, so they decide to move there. Maybe that will happen to other tourists!


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