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(ORDO NEWS) — A healthy lifestyle is a kind of drug for many modern people. Someone strive to lose extra pounds, someone – to gain muscle mass, there are people who just want to strengthen their health. But due to physiological characteristics, strength exercises in gyms are not suitable for everyone. For those who want to improve their condition, both physically and psychologically, an increasingly popular form of physical activity comes from ancient India. It was there that about 5 thousand years ago, for the first time, they began to practice yoga.

What is yoga?

Yoga in translation from Indian means “to connect”, “to connect.” This is precisely the main goal of yoga – to unite the mind, body and spirit. Yoga classes not only help to improve physical condition, but also achieve absolute harmony of body and soul.

Today different types of yoga are known, but all of them are united by the same direction – Hatha Yoga (Sanskrit: हठयोग haṭhayoga, where “ha” is the sun, “tha” is the moon). Translated literally, we get the union of the sun and the moon, the two principles, mental development and the power of life.

In the West, hatha yoga is gaining popularity precisely because, unlike ordinary activities, it includes both exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). Regular yoga classes promote health, help get rid of bad habits and find a way out of stressful situations.

You should be very careful when doing yoga. You need to take into account your condition of your body, chronic diseases, predisposition to injuries. That is why beginners are not advised to start classes on their own, only the professional yoga trainer in Almaty can choose the optimal training program. Only in this way can you get the most out of each activity.

The benefits of yoga for body and soul

Once you start practicing yoga, you will not be able to stop, because after a few classes you will notice an amazing effect. Yoga practice will help you:

  • Get the perfect posture by strengthening the back muscles, get rid of spasms in the neck and shoulder area;
  • Strengthen bones, especially in old age, preventing the development of serious diseases;
  • Improve coordination of movements, thanks to exercises on balancing the body;
  • Losing extra pounds is not as effective as strength training, but it’s painless;
  • Restore muscle elasticity.

However, yoga is the promotion of health, not only physical, but also psychological. Performing asanas and pranayama contributes to greater stress resistance. They will help you finally quit bad habits and better control your emotions. Yoga is the best remedy for those who have trouble sleeping or lack of energy throughout the day. Do you want to feel the positive effects of doing yoga? Don’t put it off until tomorrow, start now!


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