Girl with an incredibly narrow waist

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people wear a Perth corset to help improve their figure but few face the drama and hate that Su Naing faces. The Myanmar girl regularly receives accusations of tampering or removing ribs, all due to the fact that her tiny waist makes her figure like an hourglass. It seems just a little more and it will break.

A 23-year-old woman from Myanmar named Su Naing has a waist of only 34.7 cm in circumference. It is believed that at the moment it is one of the narrowest waists in the world.

At the same time, the lady assures that she did not put any effort into this and that all this is genetic, that is, she was born with such a waist.

Su Naing tried to apply for the Guinness Book of Records, but it turned out that her waist is several cm longer than the waist of the current record holder, who lives in the UK.

Su Naing does not despair, because she made a big splash anyway when she began uploading her photos to social media. At the same time, she claims that such a narrow waist does not give her any medical problems and that it is not difficult to maintain it either, it is enough to eat healthy food.

Girl with an incredibly narrow waist 4

Su Naing is often confronted with commentators who believe she is a liar and accused of photo editing or surgery to remove the lower pairs of ribs. Naing is also accused of wearing a tight corset because in their opinion such a thin waist would be impossible to have without a corset.

Some say it is not fair Su Naing should be criticized in this regard. Many models go for similar options to narrow their waist without this level of confrontation or controversy. Indeed, finding a waist-training corset that is “just right for you” is something many men and women in the fashion industry consider for their career.

Doctors though are concerned for Naing because the normal waist for an adult and healthy woman of average proportions should be around 80 cm. They fear she may have health complications later in life but for now, she seems fine.

Despite controversy and accusations, most of the comments on Su Naing’s photographs are positive, she is called very beautiful and graceful.

The current Guinness World Record holder has a 7cm shorter waist than Su Naing and wears tight corsets all her life to keep her waist in that condition.


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