Artificial intelligence has found the formula for ideal relationships

(ORDO NEWS) — An international research team has learned that the most important factor in a successful relationship is everyone’s belief that the other person is completely committed.

Other indicators of successful relationships include feelings of intimacy, appreciation and sexual satisfaction, the study said. This is the first work in history to use machine learning algorithms to predict relationship satisfaction.

“Romance satisfaction is essential to health, well-being and productivity,” said Samantha Joel, one of the authors of the work. “But research on relationship quality factors is often limited in scope and conducted in separate laboratories.”

More than 11,000 couples were studied in a new large-scale study. In the course of the work, scientists wanted to answer the age-old question: what can predict how happy I will be with my partner? Scientists used machine learning and artificial intelligence to look at all possible combinations of factors (far more than one researcher could analyze in a lifetime) to find the most important parameters for relationship satisfaction.

According to the study, factors such as “loyalty”, “appreciation” and “sexual satisfaction” account for almost half of the importance in the quality of relationships.

Scientists note that there are also individual characteristics of a partner that strongly influence relationships. They explain 21% of the differences in relationship quality. The five main individual characteristics that most affect the future of a couple are: “life satisfaction”, “negative emotionality”, “depression”, “neurotic attachment” and “anxious-avoidant attachment”.

The researchers also emphasize that some personal factors account for only 5% of relationship satisfaction. In other words, relationship satisfaction is not attributable to specific characteristics of the partner. However, this does not mean that the choice of a particular romantic partner does not matter.


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