Every eighth Australian is sure that Bill Gates and 5G are to blame for the outbreak of coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to numerous polls, many Australians believe in conspiracy theories that were born around the coronavirus epidemic. It was found that every eighth resident of Australia blames Bill Gates for the incident and the 5G network.

It’s hard to say exactly how the founder of Microsoft is involved in the story with the strain. Over the years, the Bill Gates Foundation and his wife Melinda have sponsored the development of drugs for a large number of diseases, in particular malaria.

Another conspiracy is even more meaningless and strange. It says that coronavirus spread 5G towers. The laws of physics do not allow the transmission of the virus by radio waves that come from cell towers.

The Australian government said it would not tolerate acts of vandalism in relation to communications infrastructure. The authorities urge the police to be immediately informed of any suspicions of illegal actions by residents.

Australians are also convinced that coronavirus is a tool for mass vaccination. Allegedly, the strain is used to intimidate people, significantly increasing the number of real deaths.

Every third Australian believes that the virus was developed in China. This opinion is completely contrary to the information of the World Health Organization. The survey also says that 77% of people are sure that China knows the real number of its citizens who died from Covid-19.

Thus, Australians trust absolutely all theories, but not scientific ones. They even believe in the stupidest conspiracy theories that violate the laws of physics.


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