Bill Gates spoke about the future technological revolution

(ORDO NEWS) — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, talking to Reddit users, said that the metaverse and Web3 (the concept of a new generation of the Internet, decentralized and powered by blockchain and token economy) are not as revolutionary as artificial intelligence (AI).

“Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the next big technological shift that users can look forward to in the coming years,” Gates said.

Gates is confident that AI can have a significant impact on education and healthcare. For example, it can be used to teach math to kids and make the subject really interesting. In medicine, AI can help people get medical advice in regions where there are no doctors.

When one Reddit user pointed out that the introduction of AI would lead to the loss of jobs for teachers and doctors, Gates disagreed, saying that there is now an acute shortage of these specialists in the world.

Microsoft is following in the footsteps of Gates and is investing an additional $10 billion in OpenAI, a company that develops and licenses technologies based on machine learning.


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