Europeans are more vulnerable to coronavirus than Asians: scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — Earlier it was believed that Asians are 5 times more susceptible to infection with coronavirus. New research has shown that this is not entirely true. Europeans turned out to be the most vulnerable, as they are up to six times more likely to suffer from loss of taste and smell than other peoples. Other serious symptoms also often appear.

When the virus was within China, there was no information about odor trapping problems and a sense of taste. It appeared only when the virus made its way into Europe.

European medical staff has confirmed the fact that most patients with COVID-19 do not smell or taste. Moreover, according to statistics, such difficulties are characteristic of Asians only in 6-15% of cases.

The study was conducted by physicians from the United States and Poland. Differences in symptoms cannot be associated with the variability of the virus itself. Most likely, the reason lies in the genetics of people, which is significantly different in the regions of the world.

As part of the research, it was found that the nasal mucosa for the virus is like a gateway to the human body. Through the nose, the strain sneaks into the brain and then spreads throughout the nervous system. This feature of the coronavirus explains why in Europe the epidemic spread faster than in the Middle Kingdom.

Perhaps very soon it will be possible to overcome the infection. The UK has completed the development of a vaccine. Three hundred people have already been selected for testing. If the first tests give a positive result, then the number of volunteers will increase to 6 thousand. Europe, India and the United States have already placed orders for millions of vaccine units, although it is not yet ready. The first batch will be released in the amount of 2 billion pieces. Almost half will immediately go to India, which is now particularly suffering from a pandemic.


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