The most harmful meat that leads to obesity and cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts are sure that to maintain health it is better to completely exclude pork from the diet, as this product can cause many diseases.

Various studies have shown that pork contains a huge amount of fat, mucus, histamines and dangerous hormones. There are also substances that begin to rot in the human intestines. As a result, the consumer is faced with skin diseases, arthritis, arthrosis and even hormonal imbalance.

Below are some facts, after reading which you will definitely want to reduce the amount of pork in the diet.

  • Due to the growth hormones contained in meat, a person’s body is disturbed. Pathological processes begin, among which are obesity and the appearance of malignant or benign tumors.
  • Pork has histamine, a substance that causes allergic reactions. Because of it, an exacerbation of the appendix is ​​possible, the development of furunculosis, dermatitis, eczema.
  • Pork blood is full of oncogenic agents; they are markers of cancer.
  • If there is pork in a state of stress, extra pounds appear in a matter of days.
  • In terms of harmfulness, pork is comparable to alcohol and cigarettes, as it contains carcinogens. Some information is available about the carcinogenicity of the sex hormones of the animal.

We recommend reducing the consumption of pork meat, completely eliminating it is not necessary at all. Here it is worth recalling the saying that even poison in small doses is useful. Although pork has a number of serious flaws, it also has positive qualities. For example, it promotes the development of blood cells and improves metabolism due to the contained vitamins and rapid absorption.


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