Ecologists assessed the danger of freshwater two-meter worms for bathers

(ORDO NEWS) — The danger of freshwater two-meter worms for bathers was assessed by ecologists, the press service of the regional ministry of ecology and nature management reports.

According to experts, long and thin worms are harmless to people and pets. They do not bite and do not lay larvae in them. Even accidental ingestion of the larvae is not critical – they will die if they enter the gastrointestinal tract.

“These are hairy worms, otherwise they are nematomorphs. Hairies live in fresh water, love ditches, in which one can observe significant concentrations of these animals, often forming balls of intertwined adults, ”the message says.

Ecologists say that in early July, the mating period begins in nematomorphs: it is the mating individuals, representing moving balls, that people usually notice while swimming.

The Ministry of Ecology also noted that insects like grasshoppers, locusts and large beetles become victims of these worms.


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