Japanese scientists demonstrate remote control of worms

(ORDO NEWS) -- Biologists have introduced genes encoding light-sensitive proteins into the DNA of worms.

Archaeologists have found that English monks were infected with worms twice as often as lay people

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from the University of Cambridge found that 58% of the Augustinian

Ecologists assessed the danger of freshwater two-meter worms for bathers

(ORDO NEWS) -- The danger of freshwater two-meter worms for bathers was assessed by ecologists,

Scientists have figured out how Glycera worms get their unique copper teeth

(ORDO NEWS) -- Glycera worms are known for their unusual fang-like jaws, which are composed

Scientists have figured out how poisonous sea worms grow metal fangs

(ORDO NEWS) -- The marine worms Glycera dibranchiata are truly creepy creatures. They have four

‘Immigrant worms’ evicted 61% of arthropods from Canadian forests

(ORDO NEWS) -- Earthworms, as a rule, are considered perhaps the most useful creatures for

Microscopic worms were able to make complex decisions

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have spent decades trying to answer the question of how animals

Arctic sponges have learned to feed on the remains of long-extinct worms

(ORDO NEWS) -- Dense "sponge gardens" at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean thrive, slowly