Earthquake swarm recorded in Yellowstone

(ORDO NEWS) — For several days now, the earthquakes that began on May 29 have not ceased in Yellowstone. According to some experts, the awakening of the volcano is quite possible.

Given how many misfortunes happened in 2020, no one will be surprised if a supervolcano awakens. The strength of the most powerful push was estimated at three points, but the seismographs “danced” so that it could well be 4 points.

Experts inform that earthquakes are fraught with danger: they are not superficial, their epicenter is at a depth of 5-7 kilometers. With a high degree of probability certain sections of the dome of the magma chamber are affected.

Earthquakes in Yellowstone – a very standard phenomenon, only it, as a rule, arises from the activities of geysers and has a superficial character. In our case, everything is completely different.

Another point is the phenomenon of “drum roll” in seismograms. This is a series of earthquakes created by a stone block that blocks the exit of magma. When the hot substance rises, it moves this “cork” up. As a result, tremors arise. The second “wave” of earthquakes is formed when the pressure of magma drops and the rock crumbles down.

It is impossible to say for sure whether a Yellowstone explosion will follow. One can only cite the words of mystics, many of whom claimed that a geological catastrophe would occur in America against the background of riots and protests (they are taking place right now in many states), as well as against the backdrop of the war with China.

In the event of an eruption, the American army will be “blind”: it will not be able to launch rockets, since the whole sky will be covered in volcanic dust. China will get a clear advantage. Volcanic winter will come, which will affect the climate of absolutely the entire planet.


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