In India, a man died who did not eat or drink for 80 years

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the information of an Indian charity, Prahlad Jani, a famous yogi who managed to live without food and water for 80 years, died at the age of 90.

Repeatedly a man born in 1929 was placed under observation. If you believe the information on the Web, the yogi really did not eat or drink anything. True, there are no confirmed statements.

It is known that at seven years old Prahlad left the house and went into the jungle. A few years after this decision, he experienced a spiritual flowering. The man joined the cult of the goddess Amba, who was the wife of the god Shiva. The yogi noted that the goddess nourishes his body with life-giving substance. An Indian born in Gujarat could meditate for several weeks, as well as walk tens of kilometers in the jungle.

If you believe the words of Janie, he has not eaten since he was eight years old and at the same time he felt fine. His body did not need anything, the man was not sick. Followers noted that their teacher was always distinguished by kindness and energy.

The first time a man was monitored was organized in 2003 by staff at a hospital. For ten days, the man really did not eat or even go to the toilet. The yoga room was literally hung with cameras. When the hermit was 80 years old, similar “research” was carried out by military doctors.

They also said that the man was telling the truth. During the experiment, Prahlad could go outside to chat with his followers or take a sunbath, in connection with which researchers from other countries doubted the honesty of the man. There have been similar cases in history that ended up being a lie. We are unlikely to already know the truth.


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