Due to the fact that a woman was treated by a dentist, special forces burst into her house

(ORDO NEWS) — 54-year-old Oliver Scheek, who lives with his wife in Gingen (Germany), was at home at the moment the door was knocked out. Special forces armed to the teeth burst into their house, whose employees immediately threw Oliver and handcuffed him.

Spouses have been living with their daughter for five years. Also in their house lives the son of Oliver, who turned 24 years old. Some time ago, a woman started visiting a dentist to solve her dental problems. While making suitable crowns, she should wear temporary ones, but sometimes she forgets to wear them.

Perhaps one of the neighbors saw a hole between the woman’s teeth and decided that Oliver was beating her. The police received an anonymous report that the wife of Oliver Piroska may be in danger. Since the man has permission to store weapons, the police decided that Piroska could indeed be in danger and immediately sent a special forces detachment to their house.

Special forces appeared in the house of the couple when they watched TV together. They knocked out the door with a special ram. At the same time, approximately eight men entered the house, tied Oliver, pressed Piroska to one of the walls, and frightened the couple’s five-year-old daughter, who at that time was in the same room with her parents.

The special forces left only three hours later and took away all the hunting rifles that were in the house. The police reported that no evidence had been found that could indicate that the child or his mother was in danger.

Oliver is going to demand compensation for damaged property, as well as for moral damage to the spouses.


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