Does the mobile phone activity report indicate an accident in Wuhan laboratory?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On May 9, according to NBC News, taking into account information from several different sources, an analysis was made of data on how active mobile phones were in Wuhan’s laboratory. This analysis showed that in the middle of autumn 2019, the laboratory was closed for a while.

Considering the data provided in the report, starting from October 7 and ending on October 24, there was absolutely no activity of cell phones in the laboratory in Wuhan. This may indicate the fact that it was during this period of time that a terrible accident occurred in the place where the study of coronavirus took place.

The first human coronavirus infection in China was recorded before November 17th. But if you consider that in France the disease was fixed at the beginning of winter, then many experts doubt that the disease did not begin to spread in China much earlier.

Through data analysis, it can be understood that the pandemic began much earlier than the Chinese authorities reported. In addition, the leak of the coronavirus occurred precisely from the Wuhan Institute, which had been studying it for some time.

Of course, there is no direct evidence that the laboratory didn’t really work for some time or that the virus got from there. The analysis takes into account few people who work at the institute. According to the data provided, up to 300 people work in the laboratory.

Marco Rubio added that it is also necessary to analyze the data of commercial telemetry. If during the period from mid-autumn to December a decrease in activity is recorded, then we can safely say that a dangerous event in the laboratory still happened and it really was closed for a while to eliminate its consequences. At the same time, analysis data must be compared with the last year and a half.


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