In Israel, discovered a coin from the time of the rebellion of the Jews against Rome

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A unique coin was discovered by archaeologists from the Antiquities Authority of Israel. So, they managed to find an artifact that was made by the rebels during the uprising of Shimon Bar-Kokhba (132-136). It was at this time that the last independent country still existed before the advent of Israel.

The coin was stored in the park of William Davidson, which is located in the European quarter of the Old City (Jerusalem). Interestingly, 22 thousand coins were found on the territory of everything, but only four date back to the time of the Bar Kochba rebellion.

The rebellion of 132-136 years against the Roman Empire in history is also called the Second Jewish War. The first battle lasted 7 years from 66 to 73 years. The Jews could not resist the enemy.

The second rebellion was associated with the adoption of a number of laws by Emperor Hadrian. Jews received a ban on circumcision of infants, as well as the appointment of judges. The Roman emperor also intended to return Jerusalem to the old name Elijah Capitoline and build a pagan temple in place of the ruins of a Jewish temple.

The rebels were commanded by Shimon Bar-Kokhba. In some sources, he is generally considered the Messiah.

Fate decreed that the second battle was also unsuccessful. During the 4 years of the war, Roman troops took control of many Jewish military posts. The Romans fought 54 battles to take control of Palestine.

The last refuge of the Jews was the Beitar fortress, it was taken by storm in 135. It was in it that Bar Kokhba was defeated. However, some sources say that snake venom killed him in an accident.

An attempt to gain independence by the Jewish people was suppressed for the next 1812 years. Historians note that almost the entire nation was involved in the battle.

On the discovered coin there is an image of grapes and an inscription: “The second year of the freedom of Israel.”


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