Cholera case confirmed in Wuhan

(ORDO NEWS) -- Some places at Wuhan University, where the infected were registered, were closed

Pandemic started in the Wuhan market

(ORDO NEWS) -- Three new independent studies have concluded the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2, Nature

Wuhan Lab Scientists May Be Executed Over COVID-19 Leak

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Chinese Communist Party is ready to take drastic measures of punishment,

WHO reveals the real scale of the first outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan

(ORDO NEWS) -- WHO specialists completed their main mission in Wuhan, making a statement on

Wuhan laboratory receives patents for conducting experiments on bats

(ORDO NEWS) -- It was found that some Chinese laboratory in the city of Wuhan

Scientists from Wuhan admit they were bitten by infected bats

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the Wuhan laboratory admitted that they were bitten while collecting

Mysterious virus: did covid-19 really come from Wuhan?

(ORDO NEWS) -- WHO has created a group of "virological detectives" whose goal is to

Back in September 2019, Wuhan hospitals admitted patients with symptoms of Covid-19

(ORDO NEWS) -- According to some disclosed documents, people with coronavirus symptoms began admitting to

Doctor with strange side effects from Covid-19 treatment died in Wuhan

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) -- In China, a doctor named Hu Weifeng could not suffer

Chinese authorities say Wuhan seafood market was not a source of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) -- Experts still do not know where the coronavirus came from. Genetic studies