Divers found a German submarine from the First World War

(ORDO NEWS) — A German submarine that sank during the First World War was discovered near the coast of Virginia. The shipwreck occurred at a distance of 65 kilometers from the coast.

Previously, scientists were sure that the submarine U-111 is today at a depth of almost 500 meters. As it turned out, it is located at a depth of about 120 meters. It is worth noting that in 1922 it was sunk by the US Navy.

This German submarine is the last one whose whereabouts have been unknown for a long time. Earlier, five German submarines dating back to the First World War were discovered near North America. Scientists also found 8 submarines sunk during the Second World War.

For a long time, experts were sure that the ship was at a sufficiently deep depth to be able to track its location without any problems.

Do not forget that ocean water contains too much salt, so wood decomposes several times faster, and metal is covered with a layer of rust.

At the same time, wooden wrecks of ships can be absorbed not only by worms, but also by many other inhabitants of the ocean in a short period of time.

Researchers managed to detect a German submarine with the help of a modern drone. Then the records were compared with the photo of the sunken submarine. In this way, it was possible to establish that it is actually the submarine U-111.

Then an additional dive was carried out, which made it possible to finally confirm the find. However, the scientists decided not to announce the location of the shipwreck. In the future, they plan to do some more research to get more information about their discovery.


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