Mathematicians calculated the terrible date for next world war

(ORDO NEWS) -- American scientist Aaron Clause has calculated when the next world war will

In the United States, a “ghost boat” from the Second World War appeared in the lake

(ORDO NEWS) -- California has experienced a record drop in water levels due to drought.

American destroyer of the Second World War found in the Philippines

(ORDO NEWS) -- A US Navy destroyer that took on a superior Japanese fleet in

Divers found a German submarine from the First World War

(ORDO NEWS) -- A German submarine that sank during the First World War was discovered

A submarine that sank during the Second World War has been found

(ORDO NEWS) -- The submarine Velella, belonging to Italy, sank on September 7, 1943. It

Pope announced the start of the third world war

(ORDO NEWS) -- Pope Francis announced the start of World War III. The pontiff said

Man claims aliens showed him the coming world war

(ORDO NEWS) -- The man claims that while fishing in Mississippi he was kidnapped and