Scientists have told what will happen if animals disappear on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Everything that exists on our planet is interconnected.

If something changes in the population of an animal species, it will immediately affect the entire environment. The situation is exactly the same with plants. Even small changes can have very serious consequences.

Mass extinction of animals is already familiar to humanity. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs died out, mammoths and many other species disappeared.

Many may think that nothing like this will happen again. Today, modern animals are disappearing very quickly, so no one can guarantee that extinction will not occur again.

The climate continues to change rapidly, which leads not only to an increase in the average temperature on the planet, but also to the occurrence of more natural disasters or even droughts.

When the habitat of animals is destroyed, it leads to their extinction. Due to the fact that our world is undergoing terrible changes, some species may disappear very soon.

So, as absolutely all species are closely related to each other, the most durable ones can still disappear from our planet after the less resistant ones die out.

Such a phenomenon was called “joint extinction” by scientists. As the latest studies show, it is climate change that is the main cause of extinction today.

The air temperature rises due to the fact that there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants can absorb and accumulate it.

At the same time, animals affect the reduction of the amount of carbon that is present inside plants. In addition, they can physically move plants, so the element circulates.

Today, it is already an alarming call that the population of bees on the planet has begun to decrease rapidly.

They are the main pollinators of those plants that people eat. Biologist Suzanne Sadedin from Australia’s Monash University is sure that if animals die out, humanity will soon disappear as well.

After animals disappear from the Earth, meadows and forests will disappear very quickly. This will further affect the climate. In addition, there will be much less precipitation.

Scientists say that if people do not start to change anything in their behavior, then literally in the next century up to 50% of animal species may disappear.


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