Scientists have found out whether an asteroid can destroy the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time, dinosaurs were the main thing on our planet, but the impact of just one asteroid 66 million years ago completely erased everything.

The cosmic stone, the size of which reached 10 kilometers in diameter, provoked the occurrence of numerous tsunamis, earthquakes and a complete change in climate. What asteroid would be needed to completely destroy the Earth?

Scientists are sure that if our planet collides with the same asteroid as the one that caused the death of the dinosaurs, then in this case humanity will definitely disappear. At the same time, the Earth will be able to withstand a fairly strong impact.

What would a space rock have to be in order for the planet to be completely destroyed? Experts say that the apocalypse requires an asteroid, the size of which will be the same as the size of our planet.

At the same time, in the early history of the Earth, something similar happened and it practically did not affect the planet.

The theory of scientists says that a planet the same size as Mars crashed into our Earth about 4.5 billion years ago. A huge amount of shrapnel was thrown into space.

A satellite, the Moon, was formed from one of them. This planet was named Theia. Today, experts cannot say whether the blow was direct or sliding. Regardless of this, if life had been present on Earth, then its history would have ended at this event.

At the same time, experts from different countries agreed that an asteroid whose size is only 10 kilometers is enough to destroy human civilization. For example, a 140-meter space stone is enough to destroy one metropolis.

The shock wave from it can wipe off the face of the Earth absolutely everything at a distance of tens of kilometers from the epicenter of the impact.

Astrophysicist Gerrit Verschuur from Rhodes College suggested that the fall of an asteroid with a diameter of 1 kilometer would be enough to destroy humans.

The whole planet will be enveloped in fires and smoke, and the sky will be covered by columns of dust and a shock winter will occur. Of course, there is a chance that in this case a small part of humanity will survive, but it will be very small.


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