Dangerous global warming threshold will be passed in seven years

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the forecast of Canadian scientists, the point of no return will soon be passed, when, due to the global temperature rise, ecosystems will begin to die out. Dangerous climate change can be expected in seven years.

Peak temperatures are expected to be established in 2027-2042. Thanks to the improved forecasting model, scientists managed to make a new, more accurate forecast for the next century. The new method is twice as accurate as that used by the IPCC.

The refined approach includes historical information about climate change, not just theoretical relationships that are only partially reflected in the GCM. Experts were able to assess the sensitivity of the environment based on direct observations with small errors.

Modeling involves identifying factors that influence the climate and then combining them. Despite the use of modern technology and a large amount of information, predictions are not always accurate.


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