Time bomb greenhouse gas deposits found under the Arctic Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Most of the permafrost is located not on land, but under water. Scientists are confident that as a result of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions can accelerate significantly. The reason for this will be that the permafrost, which is located under the Arctic Ocean, will begin to thaw.

Beneath the permafrost in this region is huge amounts of carbon and methane. These deposits were formed during the Paleolithic Ice Age. About 18-14 years ago, they were covered with a thick layer of water.

According to a scientist from Brigham Young University Sayedeh Sara Sayedi, most of the permafrost is located just under the Arctic Ocean. Due to the fact that the deposits are in a place inaccessible to people, no one can say exactly how much hazardous gases there is.

Some experts say that this is a real time bomb that can explode at any moment and enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This will cause a global climate catastrophe.

According to preliminary data, 60 billion tons of methane, as well as 560 billion tons of organic carbon, may be under permafrost. Every year, a small part of these reserves gradually enters the atmosphere and provokes an increase in the average air temperature on the planet.


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