Global warming will “revive” ancient and dangerous viruses

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(ORDO NEWS) — People are the main source of problems on Earth. We enthusiastically destroy our own planet, irrationally forgetting that after us, children and grandchildren will live on it.

Global warming , which only madmen deny, is not just the threat of a flood and an increase in the average annual temperature.

It will lead to the awakening of the most ancient dangerous viruses about which modern science knows practically nothing. Therefore, it will take months or even years to create a vaccine.

Recall that it is the 21st century, and we still have not been able to defeat, for example, HIV.

How many millions and even billions of people will die before an effective remedy is found in the fight against the ancient virus? What if dozens of viruses attack at once?

Permafrost has “conserved” viruses for thousands or even millions of years, which can suddenly become an irreparable disaster for all life on Earth.

Microscopic life forms invisible to the naked eye can cause the collapse of humanity.

Bubonic plague, anthrax and smallpox are just some of the relatively ancient threats to our civilization, and at the moment we are standing in front of a Pandora’s box, which, unfortunately, is already ajar.


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