Sun probably swallowed the planet in the past

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(ORDO NEWS) — There is a hypothesis that in the distant past, the Sun swallowed a planet the size of Neptune.

This planet was actively gaining mass, using “building material” near the star, and at some point it simply “fell” into the Sun.

Why did this hypothesis arise?

Between Mercury and the Sun there is an anomalously empty region that could only be cleared by a massive cosmic body that took tens of millions of years.

Mathematical models confirm the assumption of astronomers, and computer simulations have helped to clarify the dimensions of the hypothetical body.

Observations of distant planetary systems show that stars “absorb” their planets, and gas giants often become victims.

If this phenomenon is normal for the Universe, then why not something similar happen in the solar system ?

Space objects located between Mercury and the Sun would allow the planet to quickly gain mass due to the high speed of rotation.

However, when the planet reached the size of Neptune, its mass became critical, which led to its approach to the Sun and subsequent absorption.


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