Time travel is allowed, but only to the future

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(ORDO NEWS) — We are all, to some extent, constantly moving in time, moving into the future at the speed of “hour by hour”. However, now you are learning about hypothetical time travel at a much faster rate.

Is it possible, for example, to move forward 10 years in one hour? What about going back to correct mistakes or relive childhood?

It’s impossible to return to the past

Otherwise, we would be faced with a paradox where we could prevent our mother from seeing our father in order to prevent our own birth.

If we weren’t born, we wouldn’t be able to go back in time to stop this… that’s ridiculous, right?

As for travel to the future, science allows their implementation.

In the 20th century, Albert Einstein introduced the Special Theory of Relativity (SRT), which describes space and time as a single, indivisible concept called “space-time”.

In addition, SRT imposes restrictions on the maximum possible speed – the speed of light.

SRT also describes how time slows down for a person moving at close to the speed of light. Suppose you left Earth at 15 and traveled at 99.5% the speed of light for 5 years.

When you return to Earth at 20, you will find that your peers have already reached the age of about 65!

Time travel is allowed but only to the future 2

Thus, if you start traveling at a similar speed in 2022, then in 5 years you will be in 2072. Fantastic?

Yes, exactly as long as we do not have the technology that would allow us to accelerate to such a speed and not be crushed at the same time.

Nature is the best inventor

As you know, in the vicinity of black holes there are various distortions of space-time due to the huge gravity.

Some scientists believe that studying these effects will help us gain knowledge that, together with practice, will help create a “time machine”.

If we create ultra-strong materials and learn how to manage the huge reserves of energy that will be concentrated in a small space, then there will be a chance to make “jumps” into the future, as the heroes of science fiction films do.


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