Satellite images of NASA’s Apollo landing sites on the Moon

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(ORDO NEWS) — Denialism is the rejection of reality, historical truth due to possible psychological discomfort.

A completely irrational action aimed at refusing to accept an empirically verifiable reality. For example, the denial of HIV, the Holocaust, or the landing of American astronauts on the moon.

In April 2019, dozens of images and even an interactive map of the landing site of the Apollo 11 crew turned out to be in the public domain.

All this became possible thanks to the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

The images included the stage of the Eagle lander, which acted as a launch pad for launching astronauts into the orbit of the Moon.

Satellite images of NASAs Apollo landing sites on the Moon 1

On the interactive map, you can even see footprints and track the movement of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin every second.

Let’s not forget that earlier the Apollo 15 landing site was shown by the Japanese orbital probe SELENE.

Satellite images of NASAs Apollo landing sites on the Moon 2

What about the Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 , which for some reason did not find traces of the Americans on the moon? Ah, he is on the back side of the earth’s satellite and is not able to travel thousands of kilometers.


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