Megatsunami footprints found on the east coast of the Mediterranean

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of California at San Diego noticed traces of an incredibly strong tsunami that took place on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean about 10 thousand years ago. It is noted that the height of the element was about 40 meters.

There are indications of past natural disasters in the port city of Tel Dor (northwest Israel). Scientists drew attention to a layer of shell rock and sand aged 9.5 thousand years. It hid in a thicker layer of sediment typical of marshy terrain.

Experts have found that the wave, which brought shells of mollusks and sand, penetrated into the interior of the continent for 3.5 kilometers. For the inland sea, which belongs to the Atlantic Ocean, these are atypical figures. A possible cause of the tsunami is a landslide at the bottom of the sea.

How many lives the natural disaster took away, experts find it difficult to answer: this is not indicated in any source.


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