Dangerous fibrous compounds were discovered in Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — In a new study conducted by scientists from the University of Oxford, it is said that plastic is killing Antarctica.

The researchers analyzed seawater, air and ice – found microparticles of plastic everywhere. It then gets into living organisms and even into people.

We already know that a person is 80% water, and how much is plastic? The question is scary, but very real. The fact is that plastic gives billions of synthetic microparticles when it decomposes.

They are so small that they can only be seen in an electron microscope. Microplastics are already present in the soil and water, and have been found in human lungs and blood.

When it begins to accumulate in the body, it is only a matter of time.

Now let’s talk about Antarctica. Its permafrost is the most important part of the global ecosystem. And now scientists are sounding the alarm, this area is already saturated with the product of plastic decay.

Experts insist that the problem requires an urgent solution. Otherwise, it will turn into a disaster.

There is not a single clean corner in the world, humanity has littered absolutely everything with synthetic microplastics. Unfortunately, Antarctica is also mired in plastic.

At low temperatures, plastic fibers take the form of fibrous polyesters.

These acrylic and polyester substances are a slow poison for living nature. Birds and marine animals also breathe them in, eat them, and live among them.

Lucy Wadal, a co-author of the study, says that such results show that the problem of environmental pollution is underestimated.

When there are too many toxic compounds, fauna and flora in Antarctica will begin to die. Will the process be reversible? No, rare species of animals and fish will disappear forever.

Because of plastic, there will be fewer supplies of drinking water, and global warming will occur even faster. In such a world there will be no place for anything alive.


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