Crew of the ISS has a new way to get rid of garbage

(ORDO NEWS) — About 78 kilograms of debris was thrown out in a special container from the Bishop commercial airlock (located on the International Space Station), developed by Nanoracks. The operation was a test of Nanoracks’ new orbital waste disposal technology, and it went smoothly.

According to Nanoracks representatives, the garbage container contained used packaging materials, stationery, hygiene products and crew clothing. When the container will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and land is not yet reported.

Until now, ISS crews have disposed of unnecessary items by dumping garbage, for example, into a cargo ship, which is supposed to burn up in the atmosphere.

However, the new garbage disposal system on the ISS is not new to spaceflight in general. Garbage containers were regularly dropped from the Soviet Salyut space stations in the 1970s and 1980s.


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