NASA is going to create a spacecraft that will destroy the ISS in 2030

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA plans to design and build a space tug capable of launching the International Space Station (ISS) into controlled destruction in Earth‘s atmosphere when the station’s time in orbit expires.

The plan was first announced when the White House unveiled the 2024 federal budget.

NASA’s $27.2 billion allocation includes $180 million “to begin development of a new space tug” that could safely deorbit the ISS for open ocean flooding after its end-of-life in 2030, as well as potentially other activities.

“The estimated cost [to develop and build a space tug] is just under $1 billion,” Katie Lueders, head of NASA’s Manned Space Flight Division, said at a March 13 press conference.

Thus, the US space agency says it no longer wants to rely solely on Russian cargo ships to deorbit the ISS.


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